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Power Supply PS-Series 80Kw

PS Series Power Supply Utilizes all National Alloy Solutions Plasma Gun

Power Supply: PS-Series

The Power Supply PS-Series are specially manufactured to provide all needed electrical power for the for the PlasmaGun System from Bay State. The power (Three-phase) is converted into a regulated DC output using Rectifiers that are Silicon Controlled. 80 kw is the standard Power Supply from Bay state, it is rated for unending duty operation.

The Power Supply is entirely interlocked specifically for the safety of the operator. The thermal overload protection is preventative toward power loading excessively. A high-frequency oscillator that is self-contained begins the PlasmaGun Arc. The starting of the PlasmaGun is instantaneous, avoiding the situation in which the high-frequency generator will not cause any problematic disturbances.

The Power Supply PS-2004 is rated at 80 kw providing 80 load volts at the rate of 1000 amps. CP-620 or the CP-640 Control Console is what this power supply is used for. It typically operates with Argon, Argon/Helium, Argon/Hydrogen, Argon/Helium/Hydrogen, Nitrogen, and Nitrogen/Hydrogen. The Power Supply PS-2004 provides only state of the art high energy plasma parameters and high velocity.

Main Key Features

  • 80 Load Volts at 1000 Amps
  • Built-in High-Frequency Starter
  • Compact Size
  • Solid State Electronically Controlled

PS – 2004 Power Supply Specifications

  • Rated Output: 1000 Amps @ 80 VDC
  • Dimensions: 63″ x 31″ 56″ H
  • Weight: 2,000 Lbs
  • Input Voltages: 220/240 460/480 50/60 Hz

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