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Power Supply PS-Series 30/60Kw

Power Supply – PS Series

The Power Supply – PS Series are specially manufactured to provide a sufficient amount of electrical power for the PlasmaGun made by National Alloy Solutions. The Three-Phase power is converted into a monitored DC output utilizing Silicon Controlled Rectifiers. The smallness in size of the PS-2010 allows for the system to be very mobile.

There is a thermal overload protection light that will turn on indicating the power has been shutdown. This feature was designed to ensure and strive towards the safety of the operator, along with protecting the power supply in the case that the duty cycle is blocked or allowing to much air flow.

The Duplex Receptacle of 115 volts provides auxiliary power of 15 amps.

The Cooling Fan activates only when needed. This reduces the power consumption, noise, and the quantity of airborne particles going through the power supply.

The line voltage compensation ensures that the arc performance is consistent by keeping also the output power constant even when the input power fluctuate +/-10%.

With the Circuit Boards being enclosed it provides additional protection from any contaminants which prolongs the time in-between each service of the machine. The PC Board Protection prevents stray voltage of anything less than 115 volts from inflicting any harm on the power source PC board.

Simply for convenience while installing there is power cord strain relief.

The Power Supply PS-2010 is typically used with the CP-120 Control Console, which operated with Nitrogen, Argon, and Helium. It is very well capable of providing great quality high velocity along with high energy plasma parameters.


  • Solid State Electronically Controlled
  • 30 Kw at 100% Duty Cycle
  • 60 Kw Maximum Output
  • Compatible with all National Alloy Solutions Consoles
  • Compact Size
  • Use with National Alloy Solutions HF-2000 High Frequency Starter

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