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PG-140 PlasmaGun | Plasma Spraying

The PG-140 PlasmaGun has amazing performance and adaptability for the plasma spraying process

The PG-140 PlasmaGun provides maximum versatility and performance.

The PlasmaGun Model PG-140 is able to spray 80 kW and has a vast range of hvof and thermal spray uses.

With the availability to use several attachment options, the PG-140 can accept a variety of I.D. attachments and has several “spray modes” for plasma spraying in small increments.

The flexibility and adaptability that the PG-140 utilizes gives it the capability to spray a surface coating industries | plasma spray technique | air plasma sprayvast range of substrates, and create virtually any plasma coating including wear resistant carbides, ceramics from A-lumina to Z-irconia, and metal alloys.

Like so many of our other PG-Series PlasmaGuns, this model (PG-140) provides a very unprecedented feature that will allow for external and internal powder injection, which further expands the possibility to achieve the mandatory coating characteristics that are necessary in the surface coating industries.

Some other features that the PG-140 offers are cost-effective operations, long lasting components that help to maintain proper construction of the model, and is self-aligning.

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