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NAS-HVC Masking Products

NAS-HVC Thermal Spray Masking Compound NAS-HVC is a one of a kind two-part silicone compound that enables thermal spray technicians to mask keyways, holes, and depressions. It can stand up to all forms of thermal spray and grit blasting including HVOF. It can also be used as a plug where it can be reused several times. It adheres very well to thermal spray tapes and can be used to keep the tapes from unwrapping on a moving part. Our NAS-HVC is offered in 1 pound, 2 pound and 4 pound kits.


The Engineering Gift That Is the Masking Compound

The traditional solution to sealing keyways, masking holes, dents and depressions has been to apply masking tapes, and of course fabrics. However, practice presents a less than perfect picture for the use of the aforementioned options. Although the products and techniques related to fabrics and masking tapes are still used in many places, the development of a masking compound is what really brought revolution to the industry:

  • It gives you an excellent resistance to blast abrasion, grit, and cannot be cut through easily.
  • It resists the grit abrasion from spray coatings of carbide at remarkable speed. The masking process is thus significantly enhanced speed-wise.
  • Flexibility. The compound comes in gradable variety. The thicker ones are best suited for resistance to abrasion, and high temperatures of HVOF sprays, and can mask the most intricate of profiles with the thinner spray grades.
  • Non distortional. Experience shows that spraying with HVOF often destroys many types of thermal spray coating edges. This leads to poor adhesion and alignment issues. This complication is the precise reason why National Alloy Solutions sought to introduce a masking compound that sports high flame retardant qualities. Clients now get a product that guarantees exceptional coating on the edges, with a much cleaner result, and does not allow distortions.
  • It is much easier to work with because it affords malleability that is similar to dough. It conforms quite easily so that it can be applied to the trickiest of parts and complex seams.
  • Fast adhesion. Most commonly used thermal spray tapes manifest a weakness when it comes to face to back and metal adhesion. National Alloy Solutions makes use of silicone adhesive that is specially engineered to offer the perfect metal adhesion including face to back jobs.
  • It can be unpeeled without trace on metallic surfaces. It really does not leave adhesion marks, or stains.
  • Masking compounds have wide range application solution. Apart from the signature HVOF usage, the product is also effective with Plasma Spray. Whichever way you use it, only a single layer is required to obtain effective masking for high energy plasma spray.
  • The masking compound is a perfect application in situations where thermal sprays are used. It provides the perfect resistance to all these types of flames.
  • The product cures fast. In fact it obtains optimum strength just within six minutes. Industrial and mechanical service outlets often operate on strict time schedules. Such a product is clearly a solution, and a service enhancement option.

NAS-HVC Masking Compound

This is a masking compound that National Alloy Solutions brings to your attention with pride. NAS-­HVC is a 2-component Room temperature addition curing kneadable Silicon. NAS-HVC is Halogen and Chloride free suitable for Aviation Application on Approval.

This enables easy sealing of channels, keyways and dents with extreme ease, and at a much faster rate. This is due to its fast curing properties. The compound has multiple uses. It is effective in the production of molds and plugs. It has been developed to bond perfectly with GBI type silicone-glass tapes that render an effective mask that resists all surface treatment forms. Even the extremely powerful HVOF systems do not distort NAS-hvc. The product comes in small, medium, large and larger kits that weigh from 1 lbs, 2 lbs, and 4 lbs respectively. National Alloy Solutions is responsive to user needs. Clients can also be served with kits of larger weights when they make a request for a special provision. All that’s required is to state the exact kit size.

Client Satisfaction Service Focus

National Alloy Solutions seeks to offer its clientele with high quality masking compound products and other products and services in the thermal spray and HVOF niche. Our staff Masking Products | thermal spray technologies | hvofhas longstanding experience that has put them in a class of their own when it comes to customer service. This is the true service and product outlet for all your thermal spray technologies, hvof, and masking compound needs.

It is clear that the level of neef for masking compound in the thermal spray technologies arena, is ever on the rise. It is a great idea to know where your need can be met with a professional touch. National Alloy Solutions provides for masking compound, hvof powders, and all your thermal spray technologies needs.

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