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National Alloy Solutions stocks and sells a wide variety of high-quality custom engineered HVOF HAI thermal spray powders and cold spray powders. These material are ready-to-ship for all your coating applications.

We offer a wide range of HAI MCrAlYs, metal alloys, carbides, ceramic oxides, and precious metals along with custom engineered, APT and proprietary HAI powders for your most demanding markets. NAS also stocks and sell our own Chromium Carbide and Tungsten carbide based HVOF powders.

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Understanding HVOF Powder And Thermal Spray Coating

When it comes to industrial projects, it is important that you learn about thermal spraying. This is the process of providing certain coats to the metal, or chemically altering it. This will provide a critical barrier over the metal in the form of powder, spray or other circumstances. It is important to understand about these various HVOF powders, so that you understand how to make the most of these coatings, in order to make sure that your metal is able to stand the test of time with these various coatings and treatments. Take advantage of this information in order to understand more about it.

One of the most common forms of thermal spray coating is the high velocity oxygen fuel spray,tungsten carbide powder | national alloy solutions | hvof powders which is also known as (HVOF). This is a type of spray that came to prominence in the 80s. This process is carried out due to mixing combustible materials such as oxygen and forms of fuel. Once that happens, they are able to be set aflame under very high temperatures, prior to being sprayed onto the metal in order to provide coding and protection. This combination of material takes place inside of a chamber and it is kept under heavy pressure, before the pressure is emitted through a nozzle. It emits a heavy stream of powder and heated gases to the point that the powdered substances begin to melt and heavily code the metal. This mixture is not porous and will stick to the metal with a heavy bond. By applying these coatings to the metal, it helps prevent wear and tear over the years, in addition to corrosion. This type of coating is incredibly useful for a number of different metals and alloys, such as stainless steel and aluminum. This is why it is such a critical part of the process once metal is being finished.

When it comes to HVOF powders, they are typically sprayed in two different forms, either in hot form or cold form. Regardless of what type of spray you go with, both will be able to provide the metal with coating that will be sprayed at high velocities. Cold spray is the more tried and true approach of the two, as this method was first perfected in the 90s. You can credit Russia with this invention, as that is the country that began using it when metal coatings first became prevalent in the metal industry. In addition to cold spraying techniques, you will be able to take advantage of HVOF powders that also provide you with hot spraying. It is during this process that the combustible materials are exposed to lower temperatures and then mixed with nitrogen gas. This, when compared to cold spraying, provides you with more moisture and water vapor than you would be able to use when applying a cold spray. This mixture also creates a more durable and efficient bond and coating, which will allow you to use it for a variety of materials, including glasses, plastic and more.

When it comes to using these HVOF coating sprays, it is vitally important that the operator provide safety measures that are useful. These materials are highly combustible, so you will need to be sure that you are able to keep them under control, to the point that they are not going to explode or cause any sorts of issues. Anybody who operates any of these powder sprays and coatings will need to be sure that they take advantage of some critical safety tips in ways that will allow them to avoid specific pitfalls and hazards. You should purchase devices that allow you to spray the coating automatically, as opposed to manually. This way, you will be able to get a greater deal of consistency with your spray coating. Make sure that you utilize ear protection as you use this equipment, so that you are not dealing with the heavy decibels of noise that come with using this sort of equipment. This will depend heavily on the type of HVOF materials that you are using.

Since you are essentially creating hot and intense flames, it is important that you also give yourself some visual protection, since the flames can create ultraviolet rays. Anyone operating this equipment should be sure that they wear a mask in order to prevent inhaling various amounts of fumes or allergens, which can be created in such a work place, through the use of intensely pressurized thermal sprays.

With this information in mind, you will be able to make the most of the use of thermal spraying and coating, while learning more about HVOF powders. This is a very advanced technique that a lot of people in the metal working industry take advantage of, so make sure to inform yourself on this process.

National Alloy Solutions employs the cutting edge hvof powder to ensure that clients obtain exceptional results from their thermal spray accessories and surfaces. We Masking Products | thermal spray technologies | hvofknow the dynamism of the dynamic environment that your items are often subjected to. We have carefully sorted and selected techniques that withstand harsh environments such as coats plasma spray, which allows your items to undergo repair, modification, or coating without changing their initial design or workings. Thermal spray is used in HVOF environments comfortably because National Alloy Solutions has invested in research to use the thermal spray variant that suits each customer’s specific requirement.

If you are looking for a unique thermal spray coating that enables your surface to survive extremities in temperature and intense heat conditions, give us a call. National Alloy Solution offers clients a complete range of thermal spray, HVOF, plasma powders, and thermal spraying technology options that is executed with state of the art equipment. We invest in research because we know that clients deserve the best.