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PlasmaGun Control Console CP-640

Key Features

  • PLC w/Touch Screen Interface
  • Auto Start and Stop Feature
  • Tertiary Mixing Gas Operation
  • Remote/Robot Operator Pendant

The PlasmaGun Control Console CP-640 continues to amaze with it’s easy operation, small stature styling, and minimal maintenance all while offering a vast array of controls and adaptability. The PLC touchscreen interface allows makes plasma spraying a breeze by allowing to the operator to manually or automatically control the unit. The CP-640 embodies all the required facets for today’s tedious specifications while providing the opportunity to facilitate for the most pristine coatings. Due to the more accurate and longer flowmeters, the CP-640 is able to maintain and achieve arduous gas flow volumes which include very high energy and high velocity parameters. The CP-640 has an optiona H2 secondary gas module which uses stainless steel plumbing to allow for the highest level of constructural integrity for the hydrogen gas flow circuit.

Many new features have been added to the CP-640, none of which have sacrificed the close quarters styling which allows the console to be placed as close to the substrate as possible. Included in these new features are such equipment as water control circuits and power supply cooling system.

To top it all off, all required functions are monitored and controlled right at the workstation. A brand new feature we have integrated into the control console displays and measures both the PlasmaGun’s voltage and system to aid in recognition of maintenance requirements and parameter development.

Some Great New Features that are included:

  • The availability to control 2 powder feeders at the same time with the choice of feedgas
  • Mixing gas valve with adaptable ramp opening which allows for the initiation of secondary gas at controlled rate up to preset level
  • Positive pressure control cabinet purge to prevent dust during system operation
  • The CP-640 allows direct integration with outside computerization controls
  • Remote pendant is an available option
  • Has been constructed to allow for safe integration of Hydrogen as a alternate plasma gas (completely optional)
  • Offers safety interlocks preventing gun operation in the vacancy of gas or cooling water



  • Size 38″ Wide 13″ Deep 30″
  • Weight 150 Lb (with H2 Module)

Gas Requirements:


  • Argon 400 SCFH @50
  • He     260 SCFH @50 PSI
  • H2     30 SCFH @ 50 PSI
  • Air      3 CFM @ 30 PSI


  • Primary Gas         250 SCFH @ 50 PSI (Ar)
  • Secondary Gas     130 SCFH @ 50 PSI (He)
  • Secondary Gas     250 SCFH @ 50 PSI (H2)
  • Feeder Gas          250 SCFH @ 50 PSI (Ar)
Electrical Requirements:

  • 115VAC 5 Amps (Supplied by Power Supply)


  • Process cooling water
  • Primary Gas flow
  • Over current
  • Ventilation (Optional)
  • Robot/E-stop
* Gas type and flow ranges can be changed per customer requirements.  Flow meter accuracy is 2% of full scales standard, 1% full scales available.

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