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Plasma Spray Gun Extension PG-Series 20

The PG-Series 20 Can Spray Inside Diameter Coatings as Small as 2.5 in.

This Plasma Spray extension Gun PG-20 Series is an adaptible management gun that is constructed for id coating utilizations.

This plasma gun can operate up to 30 kW in power in subsonic mode and comes available with 3 spray angle accouterment configs: straight forward, 45°, 60°.

Since the PG-Series 20 can spray at 3 spray angles (straight forward, 45°, 60°), it can adhere plasma coatings to substrates with a diameter as small as 2.5 inches (64 mm). This plasma spray extension comes in two different lengths, 12 inch (305 mm) or 24 inch (610 mm).

Some of the Features that the PG-Series 20 Plasma Gun Extender Offers:

  • Can apply coatings to inside diameter as small as 2.5 in
  • Can adapt to all National Alloy Solutions Plasma Systems
  • Components are all self aligning
  • Comes standard with 3 spray angles: Straight forward, 45°, and 60°
  • Comes standard in 12 in and 24 in, but can be made available in almost in length up to 72 inches
  • Has a built in air jet feature for optimal cooling

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