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Acoustical Enclosures

National Alloy Solutions offers a wide variety of indoor and outdoor noise control enclosures from leading manufacturers like HAI, and Industrial Noise Control.

Modular Panel Noise Control Enclosures are our most popular rooms due to the individual panels be easily installed extracted for quick access to enclosed machinery if needed. Our team of expert installers can assemble your enclosure for you or we can offer supervised assistance to your team of installers.Our 4” and 6” thick wall enclosures are the ideal solution for reducing and isolating excessive worksite noise. These enclosures offer effective long-term solutions to industrial noise problems as well as temporally solutions where disassembly and moving of the enclosure from jobsite to jobsite is needed providing quieter, more productive and OSHA compliant work areas. The modular panels are perforated on the inside to absorb the sound into the walls where the incombustible acoustic fills isolated the sound to inside the walls. In environments where moisture is present we can offer panels with perforations and can completely seal the inside of the booth. The walls and doors can come with or without windows and are easily interchangeable to change viewing locations if needed when machinery inside booths are relocated. We can offer stainless steel booths were corrosion may be a concern and can also incorporate dust collectors and duct work if needed. Decibel reduction from the 130’s down to mid to low 80’s can be achieved at a distance of a mere 6 feet from the enclosures and is reduced more with each additional distance in feet.

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