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PG-120 Plasma Gun

Product Description

National Alloy Solutions PG-Series PlasmaGun produces high-velocity, high-temperature plasma for use with metal, refractory materials, prepared surfaces, and ceramic. The coatings that this plasma gun creates are first-rate to any of it’s counterparts on the market and are unyielding to wear and high temperatures. Their electrical properties expand from super-conduction to insulation.

Superb Design

The PG-Series PlasmaGun institutes a unique patented nozzle that is incredibly practical when implementing argon. The unique superiority of argon use encompasses longer nozzle life span, reduced substrate heating, lower volume levels, and lower electrical output use. The exemplary thing about the use of the PG-Series plasma spraying gun is that it is not confined to just the use of argon. Swapping out different nozzles and cathodes will allow for the use of nitrogen/hydrogen, nitrogen, and other combos of plasma gases.

Efficient Application

The PG-Series was created for the extreme exploitation and low expenditure on the pocket book. PlasmaGun offers the following expertise for saving you money:

  • Lowered energy consumption and the availability to conduct more work on less power on smaller and less expensive power sources
  • Lowered gas expenditure
  • Shelf life of nozzle extended-The extension on the nozzle life is lengthened 10 times longer with the use of argon gas
  • Effective removal productivity for increased surface coverage per pound of material
  • Lowered noise level

So Easy Your Grandma Could Use It

With the mass recognition of the PG-Series PlasmaGun, plasma spraying system, technicians are praising it for it’s easy to use features and reliability. One excellent feature that allows for ease of use is that it can be mounted to the machine or hand-held. The cathodes and nozzle can be serviced or changed without the need to take apart the entire gun. This simplistic feature allows the technician to control the airing of the powder particles in the plasma stream. The nozzles can be swapped out by easily removing a user-friendly threading retainer ring. As well, cathodes can be adjusted or taken off by simply tightening or loosening the collet.

Elongated Electrode Shelf Life

The intuitive design that is called the PG-Series PlasmaGun, plasma spraying technology, heightens the electrode shelf life immensely. The usual user can expect hundreds of hours of electrode use with no loss in spray effectiveness or deposition.

Created to Last a Lifetime

In an existence where man-made products are created to stand the test of time. The PG-Series PlasmaGun, plasma spraying system, is definitely that product. It’s swappable anodes, adjustable powder features, and adjustable cathodes have been used world-wide for over 25 years. It’s long lasting design has made it a pillar in the plasma spraying industry. The same plasma spraying process from 1960, can be easily upgraded to fit today’s upgrades.

  1. The Body Housing – The TFE ceramic-filled body provides ultimate confinement, Air Plasma Spray | Plasma Powders | Plasma Spraying Processand protection, in the electrical area, and also serves as a housing for cool water and for the flow of gases.
  2. Long Cathode Life – The Tungsten thoriated cathode, is removable and adjustable for polishing and reshaping.
  3. Housing for Anode – The anode housing uses anodize aluminum, that is lightweight to house the nozzle and forms colling passages.
  4. Nozzle Anode – The anode is used as the nozzle, carries anode current, and creates a premier environment for the combination of constriction and gas speed. A powder feed port allows for the injection of powder into the nozzle for unanimous mixtures before the powder is released as a molten spray
  5. Powder Feeder Tubing – The powder feeder consistently provides powder to the powder feeding port.
  6. Water Cooled Power Cables – The Powder leads are protected from accidents from the shorting out of tools or from it falling onto a conducting platform.
  7. Gas Injector Tubing – This tube promotes the gas to the PG-Series PlasmaGun
  8. Handle is Insulated – This plasma spray technology is made of very lightweight Lexan for superb insulation and durability. The 2 piece handle allows for easy accessibility to the PlasmaGun’s water cable and power connections.

The PG-Series PlasmaGun is available with external and internal powder feed accessibility. Adaptors are also available for the connection of other manufacturer’s products.

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