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Arcspray 150/S500(16)-CL


In response to feedback from customers for a flexible system but with higher throughput, we offer the 500A, ARC150/S500(16)-CL arc spray system. The  ARC150 system offers a great balance of controllable throughput with flexible operation and the opportunity to have extended supplies packages up to 50m from the energiser to the pistol.

A number of new features are included to enable reliable spraying at 500A, 100% continuous duty cycle. These include a new pistol front end with contact tips instead of solid tubes; uprated supplies / cooled conductors and terminals; a heavy duty drive unit with new, v-shaped rollers; heavy duty flexible drive and a new 500A energiser with high specification digital meters. These features combine to give a flexible, reliable and manageable solution for medium and large scale thermal spray applications, producing quality, fine surface finish coatings.

The ARC150 system is designed for anti-corrosion applications spraying zinc, aluminium and their alloys but can also be used to spray other materials commonly sprayed in larger applications such as high temperature alloys.

Key Applications:

  • Structural Steelwork
  • Oil/Gas platforms
  • Pipes and vessels
  • Internal vessel / boilers
  • Gates / fences
  • Architectural fabrications
  • Bridges

Key Features:

  • 500A capacity = high productivity
  • Closed-loop current = simplicity / reliability
  • Uses 2.3/2.5mm anti-corrosion wires
  • 1.6mm setup for high termperature alloys
  • Air cooled cables = lightweight
  • Flexible pistol manoeuvrability
  • New 500A energiser with digital display
  • 10 and 20m supplies packages (max wire feed)
  • Extension supplies to extend up to 50m
  • Easy to setup and maintain = high productivity
  • MIG, hardboard reel and drum dispense
  • New heavy duty drive unit and rollers
  • New contact tips = reliability at higher current
  • 100% duty cycle = reliability and productivity